Interview with our Ukraine Team –

Nataliia Gocharova, Julia Zara, and Ekatetrina Mikheitrva work as volunteers in Odessa, supported by the Berlin-based association Be an Angel. They provide food and medicine, evacuate those in need, and ensure medical care for sick children and elderly people in Europe. They describe the harsh living conditions in Odessa, with frequent power and heating outages, and the psychological strain on the residents. Despite these challenges, they stay in Odessa to help their fellow citizens and raise donations for those in need. Art events offer a welcome break from the war’s daily realities.

With the Wheelchair into the Air-Raid Shelter – Deutsche Welle

Mit dem Rollstuhl in den Luftschutzkeller

By early April, the Republic of Moldova had taken in nearly 400,000 Ukrainian refugees, presenting a significant challenge for Europe’s poorest country. The Berlin-based association “Be an Angel,” led by Ulrike Lessig, who is herself wheelchair-bound, supports the refugees, particularly those with disabilities. These individuals often struggle to reach bomb shelters or move around their homes. “Be an Angel” organizes evacuations, medical care, and provides aid such as wheelchairs and hospital beds. Despite these efforts, basic support is lacking. Additionally, the German Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired is helping visually impaired refugees and safely bringing them to Germany.