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The Mykolaiv region, once a thriving industrial center in southern Ukraine located on an arm of the Black Sea, has become a refuge for people displaced both within the region and from the neighboring Kherson Oblast. By the end of May, the region had taken in around 190,000 displaced persons.

The community of Kobleva, situated between the cities of Odesa and Mykolaiv, has accommodated about 1,465 internally displaced persons who were evacuated from areas affected by heavy fighting and occupation. Although the area serves as a refuge, it remains precarious as residents are constantly threatened by airstrikes due to its proximity to an active frontline.

Since March 2023, Be an Angel has been providing humanitarian aid in a shelter for internally displaced persons in Kobleve. This shelter currently houses about 242 people, including 151 children. Since signing a cooperation agreement in December 2023, our efforts have focused on providing cost-effective support, primarily in the form of food and hygiene items. The emphasis remains on a balanced diet, particularly for the more vulnerable groups within the community. Through continuous and careful communication with the shelter management, we ensure that the basic needs in the designated areas of support are adequately met.

Our team from Be an Angel, along with local representatives, conducts regular visits to the shelter to monitor compliance with the agreed-upon cooperation protocols. The ongoing dialogue with the residents allows for a continuous reassessment of their immediate needs and fosters a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing conditions on the ground.


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