World Refugee Day 2024

Since March 2022, we have evacuated over 23,500 people, totaling 272 buses, from front line cities. 272 times, we somberly watched as our passengers said their teary goodbyes to their homes and family. 272 times, we accompanied them through the final checkpoint into a new country – for many their first-time leaving Ukraine.

272 times too many.

On this day, we call for solidarity with those who have been forced to flee from conflict and persecution. At Friends of Be an Angel, we are dedicated to protecting their rights and helping them build a better future. From the families and individuals internally displaced to the those seeking shelter abroad, we stand united in the fight for the safety, well-being, and inclusion of Ukrainians worldwide.

This year, we have partnered with esteemed German artist Olaf Hajek and renown fashion brand Echo New York in support the people of Ukraine who have been uprooted from their homes in the wake of the full-scale Russian invasion.

Echo New York will be donating 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this limited-edition scarf. These funds will be used to continue the work of our evacuation operations and assisting refugees in their integration process in countries abroad.


#WorldRefugeeDay #SupportUkraine