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Call to Action: Emergency Response after Largest Attack on Energy Infrastructure

In a devastating turn of events, the peace of the night was shattered as the skies over Kharkiv were lit with the dire consequences of conflict. A massive onslaught involving 150 drones and missiles targeted innocent civilians, leaving critical infrastructure in ruins. Among the hardest hit were the power facilities and the Kharkiv Dam, leading to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

As dawn broke, the extent of the damage became heartbreakingly clear. Over one million people across Ukraine now find themselves engulfed in darkness, with the vibrant city of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, and over 53,000 households in Odesa cut off from the world, without power. This attack on our energy grid marks the most significant escalation since 2022, plunging families, children, and the elderly into a cold and uncertain reality.

In response to this urgent crisis, the Be an Angel network has swiftly mobilized an emergency task force dedicated to bringing light and hope back to those affected. Our mission is to distribute generators across the impacted cities, prioritizing essential facilities such as orphanages, hospitals, and medical centers that serve as lifelines for our communities.

Your support has always been the backbone of our efforts, and today, we reach out to you with a heartfelt plea for assistance. With your generous donations, we can kickstart the immediate distribution of generators, ensuring that those in dire need receive the support and care they deserve during these dark times.

Friends of be an Angel & Be an Angel has already over one year experience with providing generators during an energy crisis in Ukraine. Previously, we have distributed over 1,715 generators in 2022. For our efforts, we were awarded the Gold Award at the 3rd Annual Anthem awards. Our logistics and distribution network have been reactivated and are ready to launch in response to the attacks today.

2.5 kW Generator for Shelters

Max AC Output (kW): 2.5 kW
Rated Voltage (V): 380/230
Alternator: Copper Wire
Engine type: 4-stroke OHV, air cooled, 3 phase
Weight: 34.5 kG
Price: 250 USD

12 kW Generator for Hospitals

Max AC Output (kW): 12-400v/11- 230V
Rated Voltage (V): 400/230
Alternator: Copper Wire
Engine type: 2 cylinders, 4-stroke, OHV
Weight: 169 kG
Price: 1,760 USD

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