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Be an Angel in Germany

Many refugees in Germany are capable professionals. All want to be good neighbours and lead productive lives. We help them secure legal documentation, find suitable apartments and enroll in career-adequate training courses. Our goal is to ensure that all are treated with respect and dignity and become proud, contributing members of society.

Friends of Be an Angel USA

A direct avenue for aid to Ukraine from North America, Friends of Be an Angel provides funding, organization and expertise to our operation. Besides managing donations from U.S. and Canadian individuals, foundations and companies, they coordinate life-saving evacuations and deliver food, water, medicine and more to the most vulnerable at Ukraine’s front lines.

Be an Angel in Homeland countries

Poverty can be just as devastating as war. We support businesses in crisis zones such as Syria and Lebanon so that people need not flee their homeland to secure economic safety. Our latest initiative involves importing to Germany products from small family businesses in conflict zones, creating crucial, sustainable livelihoods for people there.

Be an Angel in Europe

No human should suffer inhumane living conditions, whether on front lines or in tent cities. As thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa arrived in Budapest, Belgrade and Greece, we provided daily hot meals, shelter and education for months on end when the EU failed to do so. Now we’re active in Ukraine and neighboring countries, providing aid, medical supplies, emergency power and front-line evacuations.