Be an Angel e.V. in Berlin

Our engagement for refugees

That we are engaged in the Ukraine war is clearly visible on this page. That we are still active for refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, from African countries – for us no question.

But one question: what is the difference between the war in Syria and the war in Ukraine? None? Why then are refugees from Syria treated differently, had and have to go through asylum procedures with a work ban and residence obligation?

We don’t even want to talk about people from Afghanistan. An asylum procedure takes up to seven years…. For years, the asylum law is softened, watered down and the affected are during the process virtually on the dock.

And it is precisely for the them that we continue to campaign. 

Fundraiser at the Neue Nationalgalerie

Collecting donations… tough job. Crowned by moments of happiness. On March 06, 2022, Klaus Biesenbach, director of the New National Gallery, opened the museum for 36 hours. The museum became a place of solidarity with Ukraine. And to collect donations for Be an Angel.

Is there anything more humane than art? Is there anything more beautiful than being allowed to see the world through the eyes of the artists?

Especially in times of war we need beauty. For us, it was an honor that an internationally renowned institution involved us as a partner. And apart from that: We are touched by every donation. The five euros that someone saves motivate us. Therefore, once again: Thank you! We can’t say it often enough…..