Be an Angel e.V. in Belgrad

We couldn’t stand the images from Belgrade in the summer of 2017, and through the winter we had warm food, clothing and blankets distributed daily to 1,200 people who were left completely alone in dilapidated warehouses.

From donations, we financed a room where the refugees, 40% of whom are minors, who landed there, get language lessons. So that if they make it to the EU, they will be able to communicate at least to some extent. The small school still exists today. To this day, the situation in Belgrade …. is unbearable.

“In these bitter times, we must help where we can!” says Gesine Schwan and Jürgen Flimm agrees with her “yes, we are obliged to do so as Europeans and human beings; please help with a donation!”

We cooperate on site with Refugee Aid Serbia.


Andreas Tölke und Gesine Schwan
Andreas Tölke and Gesine Schwan