Values of Be an Angel

Why do we do this? Quite pragmatically, we have no desire for a shadow society. We have no desire to pay taxes for people who want to and can work. We have a desire for the enrichment and integration that each individual who arrives in Germany and the EU can achieve.

As our commitment continues, our work becomes more complex.


  • Refugees who arrive in the EU had a life before. They were sometimes more and sometimes less successful. They are human beings in a crisis situation.
  • We support, we do not make decisions for anyone. Our ideal vision is to make sure people have an apartment, a job, proper training, children attending schools, and so on. We want to see refugees succeed without us and march forward.
  • Join in! Language courses are a MUST.
  • Acceptance of European laws and values are a MUST for men and women — we do not differentiate based on anyone’s sexual orientation, religion, ideologies or dogmas.
  • Our freedom is your freedom.
  • Everyone has a right to humane treatment and respect. A nice meal and a good laugh, too.

Stance on the current refugee crisis in Europe.

No. 1

People who flee to Germany or other EU counties, flee because they are persecuted in their home country or because there is danger to their lives due to war, irreversible environmental catastrophes, or poverty. Always and immediately, we assist — without any red tape.

No. 2

People who leave their home country for economic reasons should have the opportunity to immigrate to Germany and other EU countries according to defined quotas and after a case-by-case examination. It is important to create a sustainable, future-oriented concept so that integration – in the sense of living together – succeeds.

No. 3

Germany and Europe are obviously not really well prepared for the current crisis situation. The state of emergency that we experience every day is the consequence of this. In the “normal operation” of government, offices and aid organizations, this state of emergency cannot be resolved. That is why citizens, institutions, and companies must get involved and provide support to prevent even more chaos – something that will benefit of everyone involved. If many people do a little, a lot will change, much faster.

No. 4

Through direct, personal proximity to the refugees, we experience cultural and religious differences within the refugee groups and especially in the context of our own culture on a daily basis. Without question, it will not be an easy task to create a society of mutual respect and community togetherness. However, there is no alternative to rolling up our sleeves and trying our best. Germany and other EU countries are becoming  countries of immigration. We are the beneficiaries of this immigration, despite problems and shortcomings.

The openness and hospitality of the original population must be met by a willingness to integrate on the part of the refugees, and a readiness to accept and share the cultural customs and identity of the host countries. This is the only way to overcome reservations and create a functioning neighborhood.