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Be an Angel - Refugee aid in Berlin and beyond

Empowering the integration of refugees in EU countries
Made in Germany

Be an Angel is an initiative started by people from different walks of life. We are committed to the sustainable integration of refugees in the EU, and support people with a history of flight.

Be an Angel, це неурядова організація з Берліну, що з 2015 року активно допомагає біженцям інтегруватися  в ЄС. Маючи за плечима досвід допомоги з кризою біжецнів в Європі у 2015, годуванням 1200 людей на день у Белґраді в 2016 та роботу у таборі “Морія” (Лесбос), Атенах та Кале, зараз ми працюємо у Україні та Молдові і допомагаємо з евакуацією українців. Звʼяжіться з нами, якщо вам потрібна допомога!

We must respond now to help refugees from Ukraine!

We evacuate women and children, as well as vulnerable, handicapped, and elderly people from Ukraine and help bring them to safety in many different EU countries. Be an Angel is one of the very few NGOs that helps refugees from Ukraine in Moldova, 90% of whom are women and children. Helping Ukraine is more important than ever, now! That is why Be an Angel is calling for donations to continue helping those who are in dire need:

Evacuation of refugees from Ukraine

Shuttle for the Ukrainian refugees from Moldova to Germany and other EU countries

Supplying dozens of hospitals with medications and medical supplies, with a focus on the front lines

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Be an Angel e.V. 

IBAN: DE37 1007 0848 0145 2259 00

Be an Angel in Germany

We stand for empowerment. People who come to Germany and other EU countries should be able to live productive and fulfilling lives. The Be an Angel team helps prepare refugees for study and training courses so they can pursue the professions of their choice. We help people rent an apartment they want to live in. And….if everything goes well---buy that Mercedes! Our goal is not to create ghettos. Rather, we want to all be good neighbors. We want those refugees who are in the EU now to have the legal right to be here, pay taxes, send their children to school and move around freely. We also want to send a clear message--men and women are equal; we accept any sexual orientation; religion is a private matter. We want to have a dialog about everything with everyone--openly and always with respect and integrity.

Be an Angel in the EU

It is not acceptable that there are tent cities in the EU where people live for years without schools, without secure asylum procedures, without adequate medical care. These are places where children are malnourished and often sick.

Be an Angel's team was on the ground in Budapest when 1,200 newly arrived people did not have anything to eat. We gave out hot meals to 1,200 people a day for three months. We were in Calais, where we did similar work. We were active on the ground in Greece. And today, we are in Ukraine, Moldovia, Poland and other EU countries.

Be an Angel in homeland countries

The best situation is when people do not have to flee their homes in the first place. In the case of war and territorial conflict, flight is often the only chance for survival. In the case of poverty, this is not always the case. To prevent people from fleeing for economic reasons, we support businesses in people’s home countries – currently, we are working in Syria and Lebanon. As part of a new project, we import products from conflict zones directly to Germany. Those products come from small family businesses that continue to exist thanks to our programs.

Be an Angel stands for:

Unity – never abandoning those in need.

Humanity - supporting refugees where and how they need it the most.

A better life in the homeland - combating the causes of flight.

Solidarity – stand with the victims of any war.

Andreas Tölke

Chairman of Be an Angel, awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Schloss Bellevue with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.